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Dynamic Airways Service to Guyana in Jeopardy

Dynamic Airways

Dynamic Airways the U.S owned and operated airline that flew out of John F. Kennedy Airport to Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Guyana has currently reduced its service from five days per week to one flight a week.

It is also rumored to be pulling completely out of the Guyana market but there has been no confirmation from the operators.

I believe that Dynamic Airways in spite of the problems experienced by some passengers offered a great service to Guyanese.

Those in the Aviation community know that all airline operations can sometimes experience delays or interruption in service for a host reasons, weather, technical, etc and Dynamic is no different. Communication, frequent, honest, timely and with empathy, is key to easing the anxiety of passengers.

I always hoped that the management of Dynamic Airways would have been better with their communications because they appeared to have worked very hard in delivering to Guyanese a great and much needed service.

Anytime an airline goes out of business a multitude of people will be severely affected, passengers, employees, supporting industries etc and the impact even more significant in terms of reduced choices and competition leading to more inconveniences and higher prices. I do hope that another airline will quickly step into the void created by Dynamic’s departure. Guyana deserves no less.


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